NYU March in soldarity with OWS

Today, there was a huge march by NYU students to show solidarity with OWS. Yeah the number was huge but solidarity wasn’t there. Yes all protestors were raising the same signs, but no one was ready to defend the one next to him. when the police started to brutally beat and arrest some protesters. No one even thought about involving to defend his\her fellow. Just soft yelling why are you doing? what the fuck are you doing? without real solidarity those people will keep themselves fragmented and won’t get their goals done.

From Stern School Plaza to Union Square


Marching through 5th Avenue towards Union Square Park


NYPD Brutality


NYPD Brutality


NYPD and the protestors


I still question the future of the movement? Will the occupiers keep the momentum? will they be able to gain more grounds? What do you think?

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